pH Correction

Soil pH is an important value to consider when managing any plant. When the soil pH is not right, certain nutrients aren’t available to the plant for uptake and use. This lack of availability will result in a decline in your lawns vigor, health and appearance. To counteract this change in pH, corrective applications are made. If the ph is too high, or alkaline, then an acidifying material such as sulfur can be applied to lower the value. If the pH is too low, or acidic, then lime is added to raise the value. The important thing to understand is that making a corrective application without knowing the current pH value is not a good practice. At best, it’s a waste of money. It could even have the effect of altering the pH beyond the range where our lawn grows its best.

Our approach in dealing with soil pH is simple. We test the soil of each lawn to determine the actual pH value. If it needs to be altered, we will recommend a corrective application. If it is good, then we don’t do anything.

Our 6 Visit Lawn Care Program and our 2 Visit Tree & Shrub Care Program both include a free annual pH test so that you will have the information you need to determine whether or not to invest the money into a corrective application.

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