Tree & Shrub Care

No landscape management plan is complete without a plan for ornamental tree and shrub care. Our tree and shrub program is the perfect partner to our 6 Visit Lawn Care Program. Together, they will ensure that your entire landscape is kept in top shape year round. Of course if you are only interested in our tree and shrub care program, then that’s fine too! There is no need to be enrolled in our lawn care program in order to enjoy the benefits of our custom tailored ornamental tree and shrub care plan.

At its core, our tree and shrub program is as simple as it gets. The fact is that properly placed trees and shrubs often need little in the way of care other than pruning, watering and fertilization. Now we can’t help you with pruning and watering, but we would love the opportunity to properly fertilize your tree and shrub beds.

Our 2 Visit Tree & Shrub Care Program includes:

  • granular spring fertilizer
  • granular fall fertilizer
  • thorough evaluation at each visit
  • free soil pH test

Depending on the types of plants in your landscape, our 2 Visit Tree & Shrub Care Program may be all you need. However, some trees and shrubs will require additional applications to keep them healthy. For instance, crape myrtles are almost sure to be affected by bark scale unless preventative insect control is applied. Hollies and azaleas are also susceptible to scale and other insect damage when not treated with preventative insect control. Other shrubs such as hawthorne and cleara will likely be impacted by a fungal leaf disease known as Cercospora (leaf spot).

Don’t worry, we can customize your Tree & Shrub Care Program to fit your specific needs depending on the types of plants in your landscape. So no matter how simple or complex your landscape is, we have a maintenance solution for you that will keep your valuable plants healthy.

Additional Tree & Shrub Care Services include:

  • preventative insect control
  • landscape bed pre emergent weed control
  • fungicide applications
  • soil pH correction (lime/sulfur)

Use our online quote form or give us a call today to schedule a free quote for your next lawn, tree or shrub care service. We look forward to helping you with all of your lawn care needs. Be sure to review our latest Specials & Offers.